Doubloon Yachts’ manufacturing plant consists of a covered area of 6,500 sqm, with concreted land surrounding the site of 12,000 sqm. Our administration area covers 1,800 sqm, over two floor levels. Within this facility, a training centre is established for staff in Internationally recognised boat building methods and standards.

In our manufacturing methods, we utilise vacuum infusion in the majority of our vessel components. Other parts utilise vacuum bagging and minor components are hand laminated.

Materials utilised in our construction are sourced from local and international branded products for the boat building industry. All resins, cores and cloths used in our production are certified either by Lloyds or other authorities for quality assurance.

Vinyl ester resin (modified epoxy resin) is utilised through all our hulls, decks, bulkheads, structural components and final bonding of parts. The use of polyester resin is only utilised in non-structural and cosmetic interior components.