The Doubloon Ocean Series is a collection of vessels for sailing on and over oceans. Adventure awaits!

This range of vessels is for people looking to travel further afield. All these vessels are for venturing away from shore, offering varying amounts of comfort and speed. All are built with Doubloon Yachts’ attention to detail and world class structural composites to withstand ocean passages.

If you are looking for something different to what is here, check out our ‘designs in development’ section.  We have a number of exciting projects shown there.

Doubloon Ocean38

The Doubloon Ocean38 catamaran has been designed for the serious bluewater cruiser. Tens of thousands of nautical miles have been travelled by our vessels.  Hulls shaped for performance cruising, together with the efficient sailplan, enable the vessel to be easily managed by a couple and capable of crossing oceans. Built from infused cored composites, the Doubloon Ocean38 also offers a number of layout options.

Doubloon Ocean32

Enjoy the experience of cruising in comfort and style in the Doubloon Ocean32, a raised saloon cruising sloop. This yacht sails beautifully with a modern design offering two separate cabins and lots more!

What sets the Doubloon Ocean32 apart from the pack is its deck profile and its spacious saloon.

Internally, the saloon’s raised deck and all-round windows give uninterrupted views, as well as a delightfully bright and airy feel to the boat.

Topsides, the Doubloon Ocean32 is set up in an ideal and practical fashion for both coastal cruising and club racing.

Easily sailed by one or two people, yet with a layout capable of giving a race crew of four or five plenty to do, it offers a modern fractional sloop rig with a furling headsail.