Our philosophy

This is how we think


Transportable and modular

All our vessels are designed with the owner in mind. For the problem of delivering the boat to the final client, we always try to fit our vessels into standard shipping containers. Where this is impossible, we try to create container size modules, easily assembled upon arrival. Larger vessels can be delivered under their own hulls.


Premium Quality

We use certified composite materials in all our builds. We only use modified epoxy.  No polyester resin is used in any of our vessels. Our tradespeople and management possess many years of experience in professional boatbuilding. We aim to produce world standard products.


Modern Designs

We believe a badly designed boat is a bad boat no matter how well built. We strive to design the best boat to suit the specific requirement, aesthetically and technically.



Doubloon operates with an emphasis on value for money. Our high construction and finish standards demand significant skill and time spent on each boat. Labour costs in Thailand are low and skill levels high. In combination with highly skilled foreign management, results in great value for the buyer.


Environmentally Friendly

Our manufacturing includes infusion methods as well as material and equipment of the highest international standards. The goal is to have minimal pollution from our manufacturing and also to produce vessels with low emissions and high levels of operating efficiency.


Fast is fun

All Doubloon boats are designed to be fast. Be it a resort transport trimaran powerboat or a day charter sailing monohull, we think fast is fun. The smile on your face as well as your guest when you take one out will show that too!

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Doubloon Yachts & ComeSailing.com have world class yacht manufacturing and training facility in the local Cha Am area of Thailand. Our factory facility is opposite the Ducati Super Bike store and next to the Big Kiang furniture showroom, halfway between Cha Am & Hua Hin. Coming from Bangkok drive past the Ducati store on your left hand side, then take the next u-turn and our factory is 100 meters from the turn heading back north.

Doubloon Yachts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Come Sailing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

928/111 Phetkasem Road,
Bang Sai Yoy, Cha Am, Phetchaburi, 76120, Thailand

+66 (0) 61 59 58 569