The Doubloon Transporter Series is a collection of power craft designed to transfer passengers in comfort, style and speed while being economical to own and operate.

Our vessels have been specifically designed and constructed as commercial vessels. They are all designed and built to the Australian commercial NSCV requirements. This standard requires the vessel meet international structural and intact/damaged stability requirements as well as requirements for all on-board systems including bilge pumping, fire protection and safety equipment.

This “blank page” design approach allows us to produce vessels that are economical to build, operate and maintain, while also offering guests unparalleled on-water experiences. Our use of modern catamaran and trimaran hull forms, allows us to produce vessels of unrivalled speed, efficiency and passenger comfort for their length. Currently, most resort operators often use recreational vessels in these roles – this compromises both passenger safety and comfort whilst also increasing operating costs.

The Doubloon range of resort transfer vessels will get more people to and from your resort in comfort and safety.

Doubloon DB20T
* under construction, launch 12/18

The DB20T is a shallow water transporter specifically designed to pickup and set down passengers to the beach. The DB20T draws very little water and is diesel water jet powered to give an unequaled ability to access shallow areas. The trimaran hull offers a very stable and comfortable ride for guests whilst creating a large, easily accessible platform for guests of all mobility levels.

The vessel comes in multiple configurations to suit various roles including passenger transfer, diving and fishing. Inquire for pricing and delivery time information.

Doubloon DB40 PC
* design concept

The DB40PC is a high performance, composite power catamaran designed for pleasure or commercial use. Propelled by either conventional diesel drives or the optional hybrid diesel electric system, this boat is a comfortable, stylish and spacious 12m vessel. Speeds up to 20 knots are possible, entirely tailorable to an individual client’s requirement.
Perfectly suited to marina based operation in tropical environments, the air-conditioned main saloon easily entertains up to 14, while overnight accommodation for 8 is also available.
In commercial configuration, the vessel provides a cost effective and comfortable passenger transfer solution for up to 20 passengers in air-conditioned comfort. Also suitable for sightseeing and hospitality cruises, this vessel is a versatile platform that fits into a seaside resort’s business model in a very positive way.
With multiple construction options including composite kits, partial finished boats and full turn key solutions, this vessel provides both the individual or corporate owner with a compelling proposition.

Doubloon DB60 Trimaran
* design concept

The Doubloon DB60T Transporter is a high speed, high comfort level passenger transport vessel. She features a stabilized mono-hull configuration giving class leading comfort at sea and powering efficiency.
The wave piercing center and outer hulls maximize waterline length while minimizing power requirements and vessel motions. Roll period and accelerations, a key factor in seasickness, are much more comfortable than a similar sized catamaran or mono-hull.
The Doubloon DB60T breaks new ground in terms of economy of operation, comfort and speed all in a head turning aesthetic package.